Sunday, December 10, 2023

USDA notes Bird Health Awareness Week

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WASHINGTON — Bird Health Awareness Week, promoted by USDA-Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, will be observed Feb. 27 through March 3.

Bird Health Awareness Week is part of the USDA’s Biosecurity For Birds campaign (, to promote awareness about the diseases that threaten bird health and the ways to prevent the spread of infectious poultry diseases, including Newcastle disease and avian influenza..

To mark the week, USDA-APHIS offers six simple tips for backyard bird owners to keep their flocks healthy.

1. Keep your distance — Wild birds can carry disease to your flock. Restricting access to your birds and property can keep them healthy.

2. Keep it clean — Germs can be spread quickly and easily. Prevent spread of disease by disinfecting and cleaning anything that comes in contact with your birds.

3. Don’t haul disease home — Wherever you travel, the germs follow. Cleaning equipment and vehicles are simple ways to prevent spread of disease.

4. Don’t borrow disease from your neighbor — Sharing is not caring. Do not share equipment or supplies with neighbors or other bird owners.

5. Know the warning sign of infectious bird diseases — Early detection of sickness in a flock is critical. Knowing the signs of a sick bird can save the others.

6. Report sick birds — When you see a disease, report it! Contact a veterinarian or call your local extension to report any signs of illness in your flock.

USDA-APHIS is also hosting a webinar covering chick season and biosecurity basics on Thursday, March 2, from 4-5 p.m. ET. Registration for the Biosecurity for Birds webinar can be found at

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