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New biosecurity campaign urges everyone to be ‘all in’

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By David B. Strickland

Poultry Times staff

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — To stay vigilant against highly pathogenic avian influenza this fall, the Georgia Poultry Federation has started a biosecurity campaign that promotes working “all in” together. As part of this initiative, a new website has been developed — — that notes “all in means all of us practicing biosecurity measures all the time.”

“Earlier this year when the news of what was happening in Iowa and Minnesota was breaking, we were looking for ways to reinforce the biosecurity messages and training that poultry growers were receiving from the poultry companies and other sources like the universities,” said Mike Giles, GPF president. “So we thought some type of outreach campaign that reinforces those messages, packaged in a way like a campaign used to raise awareness, might be helpful.”

“One of the things we wanted to make sure is that the messages are consistent with the biosecurity messages and training that the growers are receiving from the companies and other sources,” he added. “But also make it where it’s a campaign that will have frequent delivery of messages. The website is one place where this happens, and also where we can deliver at least weekly messages to the growers that focus on one topic a week. So growers are hearing from the companies, their service tech personnel visits, grower meetings, and now this campaign.

“The object is to deliver weekly messages to the grower making sure that they know about the website and also focusing on a topic a week. It’s not a lot of information at any one time, but it will be frequent messages throughout the fall.”

The website offers such information as biosecurity steps and checklists from the USDA and the Georgia Department of Agriculture, as well as news articles from poultry industry media like Poultry Times.

Giles added that one way to view the campaign is similar to “don’t text and drive” campaigns.

“A memorable message where you see the logo and you connect that with the biosecurity messages that are delivered through the campaign and through others means like grower meetings and communications from the companies,” he noted. “It is a frequent reminder to keep biosecurity in top-of-mind awareness, and this is a platform to do it.”

He also added that “all in” means that to be successful biosecurity against bird flu must be an all in effort from everyone.

“This means everybody on your farm, growers, farm workers, everyone — all have to be in on this, and there has to be an adoption of it all the time,” Giles said. “Those are some of the phrases that are used in the campaign to emphasize that everybody has to be all in and the practices have to be done all the time, where it creates habits, where the implementation is consistent and everyone’s doing it.”

For more information, other than the new website itself (; the site gives a contact email (, as well as the Georgia Avian Influenza Hotline: 770-766-6850. But these contacts are not for emergencies, if bird flu is suspected a grower’s company should be contacted immediately.

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