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Most Impactful Egg winner announced in Purina’s national competition

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As October winds down, Purina’s Flock Tober continues on with the Fresh Egg Face-Off competition. Most recently, 9-year-old Cathrynn Hager won “Most Impactful Eggs” which was announced Friday, Oct. 27, 2017.

Cathrynn competed against hundreds of other competitors for the title of “Most Impactful Eggs”, the third round in the Fresh Egg Face-Off. This most recent round centered around eggs that were used for donations, trade, education or feeding families, and was made to bring attention to how powerful eggs can be.

Cathrynn’s winning photo and entry showed the elementary school student donating eggs to a local school and helped conduct a classroom hatch.

“My 9-year-old daughter, Cathrynn, donated 2 dozen of her Dominique eggs to an elementary school here in Kentucky.” Cathrynn’s mother, Mackenzie Grove Hager said in the Facebook entry. “Students hatched the eggs at the school and learned about incubation, embryo development and at hatch time she prepared a presentation about chick care. Some of the chicks even found new homes with the students. Cathrynn is hoping to do a hatch project at her own school this coming spring!”

The final round of Flock-Tober Fresh Egg Face-off has started now where the last three round winners, including Cathrynn, will compete for the title of Fresh Egg and win a year’s supply of poultry feed (14 bags). The votes will be tallied on Purina’s Facebook page on Nov. 2, 2017 at noon.

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