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Littletons awarded TPA’s Farm Family of the Year

Special Todd and Kristin Littleton, along with daughter, Malone, received the Tennessee Poultry Association’s Farm Family of the Year award for 2021. The Littletons are the owners of Littleton Barns LLC in Kenton, Tenn. They operate two pullet houses for Tyson Foods complex in Humboldt, Tenn.

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SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Poultry Association first began recognizing an outstanding Farm Family of the Year in 2010. This year’s honorees are Todd & Kristin Littleton from Kenton, Tenn., in Gibson County, in the central region of West Tennessee.

Todd and Kristin Littleton are the owners of Littleton Barns LLC, which operates two pullet houses for Tyson Foods. The family takes great pride in growing chickens for Tyson’s newest complex in Humboldt, Tenn. In addition to growing poultry, Todd is a third-generation row crop producer with Littleton Farms, which was started by his grandfather, Riley. Todd and. . .

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