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Experience a part of the ‘Twin Cities’ while at the MPF Convention

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By Katie Keiger

Poultry Times staff

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The Saint Paul RiverCentre is hosting the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention starting March 14, and is expecting to have poultry industry professionals from all around the world attend. The surrounding city of St. Paul, Minn., has a rich culture and many different ways to share it with all of the convention’s attendees.

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

The Como Park Zoo and Conservatory has lions, tigers and amusement park rides, for maximum thrills. The dozens of animal exhibits include wolves and some ocean species, such as sea lions and seahorses. There are educational programs and shows that allow visitors to see how zookeepers interact with certain animals.

Each day, an animal is sponsored by donations which support new habitats used to further conserve different animals.

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Science Museum of Minnesota

Across the street from the Saint Paul RiverCentre is the Science Museum of Minnesota. The museum explores many different subjects, from the nearby Mississippi River to the far away past of the dinosaur era.

There are hands-on displays where people can experiment and see firsthand how science works. Mythic Creatures, the temporary exhibit by the American Museum of Natural History, has been featured all over the world and will be on display the week of the show. The temporary exhibit uses scientific evidence to explain the stories and legends behind the mythology of creatures such as dragons and mermaids.

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Alexander Ramsey House

The Alexander Ramsey House is like a step back into the late 17th century, able to satisfy history buffs and real estate enthusiasts with its architectural features and famous background. The Victorian-era house is not only furnished with original pieces from the 1800’s, but also contains family items from Minnesota’s first territorial governor and owner of the house, Alexander Ramsey.

A gift shop is inside with relevant and unique items. Special events, including a maple syrup class on March 14 and guest speakers will be visiting during the week of the show.

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Xcel Energy Center featuring Ariana Grande

The final day of the show, March 16, Ariana Grande will be in St. Paul for her biggest tour yet – The Dangerous Woman Tour. The Xcel Energy Center has dining accommodations and refreshments available. There is also complimentary Wi-Fi for guests.

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Minnesota Museum of American Art

Visitors can challenge their perspectives by seeing the vast display of art created by American artists in all different styles and mediums. Award winning artist Ken Gonzales-Day’s exhibit, Shadowlands, will be on display from Jan. to April 16.

The exhibit presents research supplemented with photography and videos used to describe subjects of past mixed with present cultural issues facing America.

For more information about the museum and the Shadowlands exhibit, visit

Mall of America

Kill two birds with one stone by visiting a unique American attraction, the largest mall in America, and purchase some unique souvenirs. The mall is not just a collection of stores.

There are special events, one-of-a-kind stores, rides and even an aquarium inside the mall which visitors can purchase tickets to.

Little Mix is having an acoustic performance and CD signing March 16 at 3 p.m. More details about the show and a list of stores are available at

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