Sunday, December 10, 2023

ERBER Group moves to Kansas City

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — ERBER Group, the holding company for five divisions including BIOMIN America and Romer Labs®, has established its new group hub in Kansas City, Kan. The move brings BIOMIN and Romer Labs closer to each other and their respective customers, offering further support with an expanded team of experts, the company announced.

BIOMIN America, a leading research company and producer of feed additives, has sustained continued growth in the North American market, which has afforded it the opportunity to relocate the regional headquarters to Kansas City from San Antonio, Texas, the company said.

During the past two years, alongside robust recruitment, BIOMIN has made significant investments into the marketplace by introducing new products and services, the company added. It primarily services animal production customers within the poultry, swine and ruminant industries.

“We’ve experienced a considerable amount of positive feedback and adoption of the new tailored services and products we have introduced to our key accounts,” said Dr. Raj Murugesan, technical director for BIOMIN America. “Utilizing science-based nutrition for animal production has gained importance in light of the industry’s reduction of antibiotic usage. Greater awareness of the threats posed by mycotoxins has also increased interest in our company’s research and strategies.”

The company’s growth is set to continue based on expansion of the already established and successful species customer-focused structure, the company noted.

“Being close to our customers is of utmost importance to everyone here and we are excited about the new office establishment,” said Christy Swoboda, laboratory director for Romer Labs.

Kansas City’s agricultural roots and research, as well as its central location within the customer region, helped make it the top choice for the move, the company said. The Kansas City region is home to more than 300 animal health companies, representing the largest concentration of animal health and diagnostics in the world.

“The move will help us provide ever more expert technical and commercial support to our customers across the U.S. and Canada,” said Simon Walley, president of BIOMIN North America. “The abundance of qualified workforce coupled with ease of travel for global employees, made Kansas City the right choice for our new North American presence.”

“This market is a key part of the future growth plan for ERBER Group,” said Michael Prinster, managing director of Romer Labs. “By investing in the new office, we are demonstrating our long-term commitment to the region and to our customers.”

The ERBER Group worked in close partnership with the Kansas Department of Commerce and Overland Park Chamber Economic Development Council on this relocation project.

An open house was held on March 21 in celebration of this milestone for the company. More information can be obtained at

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