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Delmarva flock supervisors honored for farmer and company dedication

Photo: Special Among the 10 winners of the Delmarva Chicken Association’s Outstanding Flock Supervisor awards for 2021 are, left to right, Greg East, Dan Malone, John Pfleger and Mandy Phillips, all flock supervisors with Perdue Foods.

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GEORGETOWN, Del. — Ten flock supervisors from Delmarva’s five chicken companies received Outstanding Flock Supervisor awards at the Delmarva Chicken Association’s 56th National Meeting on Poultry Health, Processing, and Live Production.

As flock supervisors, these chicken company employees work face-to-face with independent chicken growers as liaisons between the farmer and the chicken company, the association noted.

The flock supervisors honored were:

  • Kristen Tarr of Allen Harim, a three-time honoree
  • Devin Burke of Amick Farms, a first-time honoree
  • Dean Mitchell of Amick Farms, a two-time honoree
  • Larry. . .

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