Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Bettcher plans first-ever Global Summit conference

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BIRMINGHAM, Ohio — Bettcher Industries Inc. has planned its first-ever Global Summit. More than 100 sales and service personnel from nearly 35 countries have been invited to the conference, which will be held June 5-7, at Bettcher Industries’ world headquarters in Birmingham, Ohio. 

The purpose of the Global Summit is to inform and update Bettcher’s distribution community about the company’s newest product innovations, as well as to showcase recent upgrades to the headquarters campus, including manufacturing and office facilities, the company said.  In addition to distribution partners, attendees will include senior staff from the company’s Bettcher, Exsurco Medical and Gainco entities, as well as personnel from Bettcher’s overseas offices in Switzerland, Brazil and China.

Bettcher Industries has been manufacturing products in Northeast Ohio since 1944, and entered selected overseas markets beginning in the 1960s.  Since then, the company’s international presence has grown steadily, so that now international sales represent more than half of the company’s annual revenues, the company added.

According to Paul Kearney, Bettcher vice president of sales, the Global Summit will enable the company’s distribution community to come together as a group at the company’s world headquarters.

“Up until now, meetings with distributors have been held off-site in our various subsidiary locations,” Kearney said. “This year, we’re excited to invite our entire team of distributor partners to join us at our newly expanded and upgraded headquarters in Ohio.”

Among recent improvements at the headquarters campus is the opening of the Bettcher Innovation Center.  According to Kearney, the BIC offers an inspirational space for the exploration, development and commercialization of the next generations of Bettcher products and market solutions.

In addition to showcasing Bettcher’s design, engineering and manufacturing facilities, the Global Summit events will include smaller group sessions focused on particular market segments, where attendees will explore new ways to communicate the benefits of products to customers, the company said.

“We’re looking forward to hosting our international partners to celebrate our shared success, as well as a bright future of continuing growth,” Don Esch, Bettcher president and CEO, said. “At a time when too many American companies source their product manufacturing overseas, we’re proud to be a manufacturer here in Northeast Ohio that’s committed to selling American-made products all over the world — and we can do that thanks in part to our strong distribution partners.”

More information about the conference can be obtained from Paul Pirozzola, Bettcher vice president of marketing at 440-965-4422 or

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