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Zoetis marks the 30th anniversary of Inovoject

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ZAVENTEM, Belgium — In 1992, the Inovoject® device launched by Embrex® was a major advance in poultry health, ending the devastating impact of Marek’s disease on poultry flocks in the United States. Since then, the groundbreaking technology has continued to develop and expand to cover other common poultry diseases complementing the continuum of care for poultry in preventing diseases thanks to automated vaccination, the company noted.

“Embrex BioDevices® are now used to inject more than 20 billion eggs every year in 30 countries around the world. And we are incredibly proud of the positive impact it has had since it was first used commercially,” said Glenn David, Zoetis executive vice president and group president, international operations, aquaculture, BioDevices and pet insurance. “It has grown from a completely new technology into an industry standard which has played a major part in improving the health, welfare, profitability and sustainability of modern poultry production.”

“The technology was pioneered by Embrex at its headquarters in North Carolina. Over several years the company designed and tested a device that could deliver vaccine in ovo in a commercial environment,” said Curtis Shuey, Zoetis vice president, international Biodevices. “The delivery mechanism had to overcome many practical challenges, but it evolved over time until it was able to deliver great levels of protection without any significant losses. During this process we worked very closely with businesses to understand their needs and to adapt the device to meet them. And we still use that same approach with our customers today.”

The top poultry producer in the U.S., Tyson Foods, was an early adopter of the new technology and showed the way for many other producers. Now, more than 80 percent of poultry in North America is protected against Marek’s in this way and more broiler hatcheries use Embrex Inovoject devices than any other vaccination system, the company said.

Over recent decades additional systems such as Vaccine Saver®, Egg Remover®, Chick Counter, HAYLO technology and Precixion technology have been developed to further enhance the usefulness of the device. Research has also looked at vectors that protect against multiple diseases to further extend the benefits of in ovo vaccination against a range of different diseases, the company added.

“The technology has been developed so well over the last 30 years that the quality and reliability enables pharmaceutical companies to use our devices in the production of human influenza vaccine as well as many animal health vaccines,” Shuey said.

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