Wednesday, October 4, 2023

North Carolina Egg Association awarded N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund grant

Special The North Carolina Egg Association was recently awarded a $106K grant from the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission that will support a statewide consumer campaign to provide information about nutrition, food preparation and egg farming.

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RALEIGH — The North Carolina Egg Association has been awarded a grant from the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission for $106,800, which will be used to support an integrated communications campaign to reach consumers within the state with interesting, relevant information about egg farming, nutrition and preparation.

“We are very pleased and excited to award this grant to the North Carolina Egg Association,” said William H. (Bill) Teague, chairman of the N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission. “North Carolina egg producers and processors have strong ties to the tobacco industry in the state, and this project will surely make a tremendous impact on consumers and generate much-needed sales and income.”

Most consumers, now being generations removed from a farm, will never visit an egg farm. Strict biosecurity measures are also in place to protect the health of the hens, making the accessibility of a farm visit challenging. At the same time, 65 percent of American consumers have indicated they are extremely interested in knowing more about agriculture, according to the Center for Food Integrity. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the critical role America’s farmers and food producers perform.

“We greatly appreciate the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission’s ongoing investment in North Carolina agriculture and in the future of our industry, especially its support of our egg farmers,” said Lisa Prince, NCEA’s executive director. “This grant will enable us to provide consumers across the state with a variety of educational resources and information to help them better understand what North Carolina egg farmers do and the impact they have in our local communities.”

NCEA’s ‘Meet North Carolina Egg Farmers’ campaign will introduce North Carolinians to the state’s egg farmers and provide resources and virtual farm tours. It will use digital tools and tactics to educate consumers on how the farmers produce safe, healthy eggs while providing excellent animal care, implementing responsible farming practices to protect the environment and playing an integral part in local communities.

NCEA added that it will also leverage partnerships with top North Carolina food bloggers, influencers and registered dietitians to share recipes and cooking tips that include eggs to a wide audience across the state.

The resource development and outreach conducted through this project will establish a strong foundation to enable NCEA to continue engaging and educating audiences, including additional consumers, educators, health professionals and influencers, to further increase trust in egg farmers, demand for eggs, and job creation in rural communities, the group noted.

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