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SPONSORED CONTENT: Motomco provides advanced tools for rodent control to protect food safety during COVID-19 pandemic

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SPONSORED BY MOTOMCO – Despite unprecedented challenges to the food supply system and increased demand for rodent control products in 2020, Motomco has continued to work with poultry producers to provide tools to ensure Biosecurity and safety on their farms.  With reduced human activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rodent populations have been on the rise, putting pressure on farms to implement consistent, effective programs to prevent the spread of disease.  As the World Leader in Rodent Control Technology®, Motomco has been at the forefront of introducing innovative new tools to help producers manage their rodent control programs.

Motomco iQ is an entirely new technology that allows producers to understand exactly where and when rodents are traveling.  Motomco iQ bait stations and traps, combined with the Bell Sensing App, provide “early-warning” detection to rodent infestations, and detailed data to help fix problems, rather than just making educated guesses or assumptions.  IQ traps can be placed in hard to reach locations like attics or pits, and the app will track activity before they have to be checked, saving valuable time.  Data is stored in a customized web portal, allowing managers to ensure that their rodent program is implemented correctly and consistently.  Rodents pose a threat to every agricultural operation, and investing in iQ technology now will help prevent the next outbreak or potential recall.  iQ Technology is available in the Tomcat Titan and Bullet bait stations, as well as the Live Catch iQ and Rat Snap Trap.

In addition, Motomco continues to expand its line of bait products to give producers the widest selection of different options and active ingredients.  This year Motomco introduced Soft Bait under its popular Rampage® brand.  Rampage® has been a top choice of producers, especially during colder months.  When rodent pressures are highest, Rampage® works due to its acute active ingredient, Bromethalin, which kills rodents faster than anticoagulant baits.  Rampage® Soft Bait introduces a new, palatable formula to maximize bait acceptance, and can be used in a full rotation program with Hawk® and Jaguar® throughout the year.

2020 has been a year unlike any other, but one thing remains the same: Motomco’s unwavering commitment to providing the agricultural industry with the best possible solutions to rodent problems.  If you have any questions, please visit, or contact your local Motomco Territory Manager.

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