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Protein & Fat Seminar focus is safety and productivity

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TUCKER, Ga. — Rendering managers aim to provide safe, high quality by-products while achieving high productivity. This year’s Poultry Protein & Fat Seminar will provide technical tools, management best practices and practical case studies in all phases of the rendering process.

Sponsored by U.S.Poultry & Egg Association and the Poultry Protein & Fat Council, the seminar will be held Oct. 1-2, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Nashville, Tenn.

“Safety and sustainability in the rendering plant is a goal for which all rendering managers strive. The tools provided at this year’s seminar will equip managers with information for basic housekeeping, biosecurity best practices, hazard analysis and equipment management,” said program committee chairman Jonathan Green, American Proteins Inc.

The program will include the following topics: Council Report; Food Safety Modernization Act and 3rd Party Audits; Rendered Product: End Uses and Quality; Rendered Product: Economics; Avian Influenza Biosecurity Response: Cleaning and Disinfecting; Composting: A Rendering Alternative; Evaporator Advantages and Cost Comparisons; Employee Engagement and Retention; Odor Abatement: Thermal Oxidation, Biofilters, and Wet Scrubbers; A Pet Food Plant Virtual Tour; Safety in the Rendering Plant; and Rendering Equipment Basic Operating Principles: Centrifuge, Lamella Pumps, and Press.

The agenda was developed by a program committee including Brian Schoeberl, Mountaire Corp.; Brandon Lachner, Tyson Foods Inc.; Bo Watson, Tyson Foods Inc.; Kenny Reece, Simmons Foods Inc.; Hal Davis, Pilgrim’s; and Rick Estes, Fieldale Farms Corp.

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