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New website communicates preparedness plans for AI

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 By Gillan Ritchie

Poultry Times staff

GAINESVILLE – The American Egg Board (AEB), Egg Industry Center (EIC) and the United Egg Producers (UEP) created a new website − − to provide information on the bird flu and resources to aid in combating an outbreak.

The website − created in 60 days – was built with consumers, media, elected officials and food service in mind. On the website, visitors will be over to read over facts, look for updates regarding AI and other resources. According to a newsletter released by the Egg Nutrition Center( ENC), the website includes:

General facts and questions and answers (Q&As):

  • AEB retail and food service resources
  • Links to credible organiztions, resources
  • UEP’s stakeholder update and media statements
  • Food safety links to organizations such as Egg Safety Center, CDC and USDA Food Safety
  • Submission forms for consumers, media and retailers who may need more information

“The goal of the site is to provide a single resource for U.S. egg industry consumers, media, elected officials and foodservice organizations to find facts and get consistent updates regarding avian influenza,” said Lesa Vold, communications specialist for Egg Industry Center.

The three organizations – AEB, EIC and UEP – provided the content for the initial development of the website, however, future content may be sourced from other organizations such as USDA-APHIS, FDA or state-level resources.

For more information on the website or on AI, please visit

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