Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Merck Animal Health donates $250K to Iowa State for new Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Iowa State University A $250,000 donation from Merck Animal Health will help make possible the first phase of the new Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, shown here in an artist rendering.

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MADISON, N.J. — Merck Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co. Inc., has announced a $250,000 donation to Iowa State University to support the new Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

“We’re grateful for Merck Animal Health’s support in assisting to build this state-of-the-art veterinary diagnostic lab which will allow Iowa State University to continue to develop innovative solutions for generations to come in a wide range of diagnostic services,” said Dr. Dan Grooms, the Dr. Stephen G. Juelsgaard Dean of Veterinary Medicine. “The diagnostic lab has long played a key role in advancing animal and. . .

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