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Kemin expands encapsulation capabilities at site in Italy

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CAVRIAGO, Italy — Kemin Industries has expanded its encapsulation production site in Cavriago, Italy, with two new facilities. To inaugurate the new manufacturing plants, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa) hosted a global customer event, delivering exclusive insight into the next generation of ruminant nutrition.

More than 10 years ago, Kemin initiated a worldwide strategy to elevate its role as a major player in the ruminant industry. The company has invested in its ruminant solutions by hiring new experts, focusing on innovation and strengthening its expertise in encapsulation technology.

In 2019, this led Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA to launch two new products: KESSENT® and CholiGEM. The introduction of KESSENT made Kemin the only company to provide Methionine and Lysine in a reliable way, the company said. KESSENT, along with CholiGEM, the choline-chloride ingredient to improve animal health, rounded out Kemin’s Ruminant Essentialities product portfolio, offering a full-range of solutions for livestock health and nutrition needs, Kemin added.

The expansion of Kemin’s encapsulation facilities is another step toward optimally serving customers worldwide, the company said.

“We are excited to expand our operations in Italy, as this enables Kemin to serve more customers and increase our global footprint,” said Dr. Fernando Valdez, vice president of worldwide business development – animal nutrition and health, Kemin Industries, who inaugurated the new facilities during the global customer event. “Kemin is dedicated to continually evaluating how we can best serve our customers. Our new facilities in Cavriago and the continued growth of our ruminant-solutions portfolio are evidence of Kemin’s efforts to deliver innovation and new products to customers.”

Kemin’s proficiency in encapsulation and advanced core technology, as well as the company’s innovation team and extensive knowledge of rumen physiology, have been key factors in developing a successful product portfolio and establishing Kemin as a leader in the ruminant industry, the company added.

Kemin research and development team members have used pilot plants to create product prototypes using more than 10 different encapsulation technologies and equipment configurations. The new facilities in Cavriago will help drive future innovation and enable the development of new products by expanding these pilot plants and adding two new industrial production units. One of these production units uses state-of-the-art GEM technology for CholiGEM manufacturing, and the other is dedicated to manufacturing the product KESSENT.

“We believe in a balanced approach to the animal production system’s three key pillars: efficiency, health and sustainability,” said Javier Mateos, senior business manager – ruminants, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA. “With climate change concerns, increased production costs and major price volatility in feed ingredients, giving equal attention to each of these pillars is necessary to optimize the profitability of farming. These factors informed our decision to construct new production facilities in Cavriago and continue our investments in new research and education for our partners and customers.”

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