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HATCH for Hunger receives $25K from Kroger

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — On June 23,  HATCH for Hunger announced a $25,000 gift from Kroger Co. at the reopening of its 116th and Cumberland Rd. store in Indianapolis.

This donation from Kroger Co. will be used to purchase more than 600,000 eggs for food pantries across the state of Indiana. Kroger has been a partner and support of HATCH since its start in spring of 2015 and since then has helped sponsor more than 900,000 eggs through HATCH for those in need across the Midwest, officials noted.

“Kroger is excited to continue our support of HATCH in 2017 as providing quality nutrition to the food insecure is a key priority for us,” said Eric Halverson, corporate affairs leader for Kroger Co. “Eggs are a staple for many of our lives, whether eating them to start our day off right or cooking a favorite family recipe. Every family should deserve to have access to eggs.”

HATCH for Hunger is a non-profit organization created by Elanco Animal Health, a division of Eli Lily and Co., which is now based within the Central Indiana Community Foundation. The HATCH mission is to provide a consistent supply of high quality protein to those in need through the powerful package of an egg. HATCH is also unique in its approach to provide eggs to local food banks and pantries by partnering with retailers, egg farmers, and other sponsors across the state.

“We cannot be more grateful for our continued partnership with Kroger as we work together to fight hunger in our community,” said Adam Burtner, HATCH for Hunger program coordinator. “This check will provide 600,000 eggs to families here in the second half of 2017. It is because of the generosity of corporate sponsors like Kroger, private donors, and supportive community partners HATCH has been able to provide nearly 1.5 million eggs to over 70,000 families across the Midwest since 2015.”

HATCH is made possible by partnering with grocery stores, farmers and local food banks. Currently partners in Indiana include: Kroger Co., Rose Acre Farms and Elanco Animal Health.

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