Sunday, February 25, 2024

Glowlit Update – Feed = Grains + Protein + Additives

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Glowlit launched one year ago with a focus on animal feed additives. Today we are excited to announce that we are more than doubling our product list to account for the full animal feed value chain. Thanks to several strong industry partnerships, Glowlit now includes grains, crude protein, fillers, and of course, feed additives. We are proud that our community now has access to a comprehensive view of feed costs. Visit Glowlit to see the full list of 124 animal feed ingredients.

Glowlit was designed to serve as a platform for the industry to come together and collectively contribute to a supply chain that is both more transparent and more efficient. To date, individual users, corporate customers, media partners, and associations have requested that specific products be added to Glowlit, and in some cases have even contributed historical data to aid Glowlit in launching those products. We are grateful that the feed industry has recognized Glowlit as a platform for strengthening the way we work.

Now we ask for your help. As the community of professionals using Glowlit grows, we all stand to benefit. Know of someone not yet on the platform? Invite them today.

Guy Soreq

Founder and CEO of Glowlit

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