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Education program schedule for the PEAK show 2023

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MINNEAPOLIS — PEAK 2023, the annual convention of the Midwest Poultry Federation has announced a comprehensive education program featuring dozens of speakers from across the country covering the latest information and research at a variety of workshops for the turkey, egg, pullet, broiler and feed industries.

All workshops will take place April 11-13 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The complete listing of education sessions and workshops include:

Tuesday, April 11

1-3 p.m.

Pre-show Nutrition & Poultry Health Symposium

Held in partnership with the Multi-State Poultry Feeding & Nutrition Conference.

Topic TBA, Dr. Janet Snow, CSA Animal Nutrition.

Prebiotics/Probiotics and Synergy Effects on Poultry, Dr. Pratima Adhikari, Mississippi State University.

Topic TBA, Dr. Jason Lee, CJ America.

3:15-4:15 p.m.

Business & Leadership Development Track

Jennifer Whitmer, a TedX speaker and coach, will bring training and skills development to build trust, foster community and teamwork,and cultivate strong communication skills.

Pullet & Egg Layer Track

New Technologies for Manure Management of Cage and Cage-Free Egg Production Facilities, Dr. Richard Gates, Egg Industry Center.

Ventilation challenges: Steps to Recognize and Resolve, Dr. Brett Ramirez, Iowa State University.

Turkey Track

Assessing the effects of turkey stocking density on productivity, health and welfare, Dr. Karen Schwean-Lardner, University of Saskatchewan.

Innovative selection methods to drive product performance, Owen Willems, Hendrix Genetics Limited.

Broiler Track

What happens after HPAI, mass mortality composting, Dr. Josh Payne, Poultry Guard.

Preparing for a third-party welfare audit, Dr. Shawna Weimer, University of Arkansas.

Wednesday, April 12

9-10 a.m.

Business & Leadership Development Track

Jennifer Whitmer, a TedX speaker and coach.

Feed Systems & Manufacturing Track

Day 1: Pathogen control in the feed mill: What are some options?

Making More, Better Quality Feed, Dr. Enrique Montiel, Anitox.

Pathogen control through milling practices and how it works, Wayne Cooper, Anderson Feed Tech.

Pullet & Egg Layer Track

Egg Layer Genetics and Egg Production Performance, David Cavero, H&N International GmbH.

Use of Vegetative Buffers to Mitigate the Atmospheric Spread of High Pathogen Avian Influenza (HPAI), Dr. Paul Patterson, Pennsylvania State University.

Turkey Track

Value of Feed, Water and Light in the Hatcher, Peter Gruhl, Next Nest.

Update on the Avian Influenza Situation, speaker to be announced.

Broiler Track

Water Quality, Mary Foy, Proxy-Clean.

Controlling Cocci and Necrotic Enteritis in Broilers, Dr. Matthew Bailey, Auburn University.

Thursday, April 13

8:30-9:30 a.m.

Business & Leadership Development Track

Jennifer Whitmer, a TedX speaker and coach.

Feed Systems & Manufacturing Track

Day 2: What will it take to make it sustainable?

Throughput and PDI, Dr. Enrique Montiel, Anitox.

Efficiency – Power Consumption, Wayne Cooper, Anderson Feed Tech.

Pullet & Egg Layer Track

Understanding Housing Environments in Commercial Egg Production, Ben Alig, North Carolina State University.

Engineering Design Standards for the Disinfection of Pullet/Layer Drinking Water, Phil Olsen, Midwest Water Engineering LLC.

Turkey Track

Recent Investigations Regarding the Salmonella Issue in Turkeys, Dr. Billy Hargis, University of Arkansas.

Perspectives on Coccidiosis Control in Turkeys, Dr. Lisa Bielke, North Carolina State University.

Broiler Track

Use of Circulating Fans, Dr. Jon Moyle, University of Maryland.

Daily Mortality Composting, Dr. Zac Williams, Michigan State University.

Poultry TED Talks

Poultry TED Talks will be taking place on the trade show floor. Presentations will run every 30 minutes throughout the day.

The topics will include:

Wednesday, April 12

10:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Why Incineration, Graham Crown, AGRI Incineration Systems LLC.

The Gut-Brain-Microbiome Axis: Impact of Effectiveness Probiotics, Steve Lerner, Chr. Hansen Inc.

Creating Added Value to your Chicken Manure Waste, Bart Hagenbeek, Dorset GreenMachines.

Adding Additives to the Mix, Rob Payne, Cargill Animal Nutrition.

Health Effects of Feeding a Dried Egg Product in Layers, Eliza Ripplinger, North Carolina State University.

Optimize Poultry House Environment Controls with Artificial Intelligence, Mark Maxwell, Agrimesh Technologies.

The use of Dynamic Lighting Systems for the Optimization of Cage-Free System Use in Commercial Laying Hens, Gabrielle House, ONCE by Signify.

Break the Cycle: Benefits and Use of Insect Growth Regulators for Poultry Producers, Anna Hansen, MGK.

Optimizing Diet Cost, Growth Performance and Nutrient Absorption of Poultry with Bio-Surfactants, Karen Vignale, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health.

Impact of Reduced Feed Pathogen Loads on Poultry Production Systems, Enrique Montiel, Anitox.

Tailored Nutrient Solutions Deliver Performance, Elisangela Guaiume, Cargill Animal Nutrition.

Assessment of Steam in VSD + Procedure for Mass Depopulation in a Cage-Free Environment, Andrea Mendoza, Michigan State University.

Yeast Mannan Oligosaccharides – A Front Line Defense Mechanism for Pathogen Control, Richard Murphy, Alltech Biotechnology Ireland.

Thursday, April 13

9:30-11 a.m.

Characterizing the O-seragroups of Avian Pathogenic E. coli (APEC) Associated with Colibacillosis in Georgia Poultry Production and their Relationship with Production Types, Klao Runcharoon, University of Georgia.

Risk Mitigation – Managing your most important assets: The Health & Safety of Your Employees, Jill Lange and Ross Milne, Cottingham & Butler.

More information about any event at the PEAK 2023 convention can be obtained from Midwest Poultry Federation, P.O. Box 265, Buffalo, Minn. 55313; 763-284-6763; info@midwestpoultry.com

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