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Countdown to turkey time: Foster Farms provides tips for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey

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LIVINGSTON, Calif. — With the countdown to turkey time and planning for the most anticipated meal of the year underway, Foster Farms is offering tips to help home cooks brine, roast, grill, stuff and carve the perfect bird.

The comprehensive Turkey Tips webpage — which includes a turkey roasting/grilling timetable, a step-by-step carving tutorial with slideshow and a delicious stuffing recipe from Foster Farms co-founder Verda Foster — will help cooks of all levels prepare a flawless Thanksgiving turkey.

A sampling of tips pulled from the webpage include:

  • Brilliantly brined: Use a heavy-duty container, such as food-grade plastic, stainless steel or glass, when brining the turkey. Do not use aluminum containers, as they are corrosive. Always refrigerate the brine solution, preferably overnight. If it is not cold, the meat will absorb too much salt.
  • Roasting and grilling guidelines: Always use a meat thermometer. While boneless or ground turkey is fully cooked when it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees F, bone-in turkey is fully cooked when the meat thermometer reads 180 degrees F. For specific roasting and grilling times based on turkey weight and whether it’s stuffed/unstuffed, check out the Roasting Turkey and Grilling Turkey
  • Sumptuous stuffing: Don’t stuff the bird too tightly, as this will make the stuffing heavy. If you want more of the delicious side dish, bake it covered in an oven-proof dish to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.
  • Carve it like a boss: To steady the bird, leave the wings on until you’ve carved both sides of the breast. To remove the wing, slice into the joint, which attaches it to the body, carving as much meat from the body as possible.
  • Kitchen safety: Remember to Always Be Careful when preparing, cooking and storing turkey. This means thorough hand washing, using separate cutting boards for raw meat, cooking to the proper internal temperature, refrigerating leftovers within two hours of cooking, and much more.

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