Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Broiler house chickens not hatching; creating concern for future meat prices

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Eggs in hatcheries all across the country are not hatching, concerning poultry industry professionals at all levels. The USDA and Bureau of Labor Statistics have reported that fewer and fewer chickens are hatching thus there are less chicken meat, specifically chicken breast.

Prices are reported to have risen by nearly 70 percent for wholesale boneless breast meat, and already risen three percent for consumer prices, according to Jacob Bunge of Market Watch. Though the grocery stores will most likely not reflect the shortage for several months, if this trend continues then millions of dollars will be lost. Prices will rise even higher as the affected, smaller than expected, flocks are scheduled to be slaughtered in later months.

Research is being done to find solutions. Some professionals believe making changes to the breeding stocks are in order, but that is not a guaranteed solution. If the breeding stock is replaced and the eggs continue to be infertile, it could create more consequences for the farmers and eventual market prices.

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