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UGA releases its first-ever app to assist farmers with house ventilation

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By Gillan Ludlow

Poultry Times Staff

ATHENS, Ga.  — The Department of Poultry Science at University of Georgia has developed a new app, called “CHKMINVENT,” which will help poultry farmers determine how much they should ventilate their houses during winter months.

The app allows farmers to enter variables such as outside temperatures, the amount of water that chickens consume, temperature inside the house and the size of the poultry house’s fans.

“Dr. (Brian) Fairchild and I have seen a need for a long time for some way for producers to easily determine how much they need to ventilate their houses during cold weather to control moisture, based on their birds, house conditions and what was happening outside,” Michael Czarick, Extension engineer with the University of Georgia’s Department of Poultry Science, said. “We felt that an app was an ideal way to do so.”

They worked with Fenik Marketing Group over the course of six months to develop the app.

It marks the department’s first effort in creating an app tool for poultry farmers.

Fairchild and Czarick used funds to cover the cost of developing the app from conducting tunnel ventilation and cold weather workshops.

According to Czarick, the app was based on an Excel spreadsheet that was developed five years ago.

“Over the last five years we fine-tuned the spreadsheet so that when the app was developed it only took a week or so of internal testing to make sure the results agreed with our spreadsheet,” Czarick said.

The app can be found in Apple’s app store and is only available for iPhones. Versions for other operating systems, such as Android, may be developed later based on the demand of the initial application.

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