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The best ‘sides’ for chicken farming

By Caleb Hicks Alabama Poultry & Egg Association Photo:Caleb Hicks/APEA Mitchell Morgan of Albertville, Ala., raises not only chickens but also pumpkins, which he stores in old poultry houses. With Morgan is his 8-year-old son, Abel, who enjoys the family farm’s small cow-calf operation.

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Lots of things go good with chicken — mac and cheese, French fries, mashed potatoes, green beans — the usual southern sides. For poultry farmers, though, sides may look a little different.

Ask Covington County farmer Tommy Thompson why he raises cattle and row crops along with his breeder hens, and he’ll say, “Because it all works together.”

“Raising chickens is a plus to us,” said Thompson, an Andalusia native. “You only get paid once a year with the row crops, but with the chickens, we get paid every two weeks. It’s much easier to make a living. . .

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