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Pure Prairie Poultry launching new retail brand

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CHARLES CITY, Iowa — It’s been just shy of two years since the Midwest’s premium chicken newcomer, Pure Prairie Poultry, purchased a state-of-the-art chicken processing facility in Charles City, Iowa, that showcased its air-chilled technology.

Now, it’s launched its charter retail brand, named after the company — Pure Prairie Poultry, emphasis on “pure.” Initially offered at more than 50 locations across Coborn’s, Cashwise, and Marketplace stores in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, the company has big plans to grow throughout the Midwest and beyond. With a focus on quality, consistency, and offering personalized service to its customers, the company’s vision is to take customers and consumers back to a time when chicken tasted pure, and relationships were the underpinning of its offerings, the company notes.

“Our premium quality offerings start with a smaller chicken, which means more tender products,” said Brad Vokac, vice president of sales and marketing for Pure Prairie Poultry. “The air-chilling process provides a better touch, cooking, and taste experience for customers and consumers. And well-trimmed products, with no added salt or solutions, gives buyers what they pay for — all natural, pure chicken.”

According to Vokac, the company’s initial offerings also save time for retailers, because consistent piece sizes are featured in fixed-weight packages. With labor continuing to challenge nearly every industry, the company has removed extra hours tied to weighing and labeling individual packages.

“Fixed weight packages not only save time, money, and labor, they allow retailers the flexibility to merchandise packages any way they’d like, similar to what they’re accustomed to doing for other grocery items,” Vokac said. “Not having price labels also allows consumers to see the product inside the package, which is an important element of our overall ‘pure’ value proposition.”

Among the product offerings will include boneless/skinless chicken breast fillets, tenders, boneless/skinless thighs, drumstick, bone-in thighs and family packs.

The company adds that it will support consumer sales through an on-package QR code which takes consumers to its website. It will also focus on consumers through its social media channels and communities.

“In addition to our products, we want consumers and customers to get to know us from the inside out. Along with our pure, quality offerings, consumers will appreciate that our farmer partners have ownership in Pure Prairie Poultry,” Vokac added. “This is something unique to the industry, and it reinforces our commitment to our relationships.”
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