Saturday, December 9, 2023

Kemin Biologics partners to launch vaccine to protect Peruvian industry against AI

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Kemin Industries will launch its MEFLUVAC H5 PLUS 8 vaccine in partnership with ilender in Latin America to assist in building immunity against the highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Kemin Biologics, the global veterinary vaccine division of Kemin, debuted the new vaccine at an event in Peru on Oct. 30 in the cities of Lima, Trujillo and Chincha. At this event, policy and distribution stakeholders, along with customers from the poultry meat and layer industries, gathered to discuss vaccinology and risk management programs. The industry leaders focused on the importance of addressing major pathogens that compromise animal performance and food security for the growing population, Kemin said.

“We are excited to introduce our technology and best practices to empower the poultry industry in Peru and Latin America to mitigate the growing threat of highly pathogenic avian influenza,” said Dr. Ricardo Neto, technical service manager, Kemin Biologics. “The high degree of homology with local strains makes MEFLUVAC H5 PLUS 8 the vaccine of choice.”

With a focus on delivering integrated, custom solution platforms that build immunity and protect animal performance, Kemin Biologics works closely with customers worldwide to address important needs and is committed to putting animal welfare at the forefront to help prevent hunger and disease associated with malnutrition while supporting the global food supply, the company added.

“The launch of MEFLUVAC H5 PLUS 8 is a major milestone for Kemin Biologics’ expansion into the Latin America market,” said Dr. Matias Jansen, regional business director, Kemin Biologics. “Together with our partner, ilender, we will be able to reach producers all across Peru and support them with vaccination strategies that are based on our expertise and experiences from all over the world.”

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