Monday, December 11, 2023

Handsome Brook Farms launches its Climate Smart Organic Egg Project

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NEW YORK — Handsome Brook Farms, a producer of organic pasture raised eggs, announces the official launch of the Climate Smart Organic Egg Project, an initiative made possible through a USDA Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities grant.

The project aims to reshape the future of sustainable agriculture and address climate challenges inherent to organic egg production, the company noted. Handsome Brook Farms, in collaboration with partners Costco Wholesale, Organic Voices, NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business, Soil Carbon Initiative, Grow Well Consulting, Curva and Associates, Love Just Works, and the University of Kentucky, will receive $3.6 million in federal funding over the 5-year project period.

Handsome Brook Farms will provide $2.8 million in matching funds to the project, further solidifying its commitment to sustainability and regenerative practices on partner farms, the company added.

This grant provides Handsome Brook Farms with a unique opportunity to advance the way organic eggs are produced, marketed, and consumed. One of the key outcomes of the Climate Smart Organic Egg Project will be developing a consumer-facing “Soil and Climate Health” on-pack label, in collaboration with Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI) and third-party verified by SCS Global Services.

The Climate Smart Organic Egg Project not only enhances the quality of Handsome Brook Farms’ products but also extends its commitment to supporting their partner farms, the company said. Through the grant, the company plans to leverage its pasture management and direct on-farm investment programs, reinforcing the resiliency of partner farms across the country. This involves working collaboratively with farmers to implement climate-smart and regenerative farm plans that align with the “Soil and Climate Health” on-pack label claims.

Projects under the Climate Smart Organic Egg Project will be tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each partner farm, fostering a flexible and adaptable approach to sustainability.

These initiatives include:

· Solar energy installations to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources, lowering both costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

· Energy-efficient lighting within barns to create energy-efficient alternatives, reducing electricity consumption and environmental impact.

· Improved ventilation and manure management to reduce ammonia emissions and greenhouse gases, enhancing air quality and environmental sustainability.

· Pasture enhancements that optimize land use and foster regenerative farming practices.

· By implementing these climate smart projects on partner farms, Handsome Brook Farms aims to create a more sustainable and environmentally responsible supply chain for organic eggs.

“Our Climate Smart Partnership grant will help Handsome Brook Farms continue improving the sustainability of our farms and empowers us to communicate climate-smart practices directly to consumers,” Jordan Czeizler, CEO of Handsome Brook Farms, said. “We are thrilled to work alongside our esteemed partners to champion a more sustainable agriculture system and drive consumer awareness for climate smart organic eggs.”

“Green America is honored to collaborate with Handsome Brook Farms on their regenerative journey.” Alisa Gravitz, Green America’s CEO. “Verifying outcomes through our Soil Carbon Initiative, we’ll work together in the

spirit of learning and continuous improvement for soil and climate health, resilient farms, nutritional benefits for families and beyond.”

Partners will contribute to the project in the following ways:

· Handsome Brook Farms will leverage its network of family farms and expertise in regenerative farming to develop sustainable, climate-friendly practices in connection with the grant.

· Costco Wholesale will advance its Climate Action Plan and support climate-smart organic egg production.

· Curva and Associates will monitor and analyze social, behavioral, and economic data of Climate Smart Organic Egg Project participants.

· University of Kentucky, Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering will work with Climate Smart Organic Egg Project participants to enhance the efficiency of in farm infrastructure and agricultural engineering within Climate Smart Organic Egg Project.

· Soil Carbon Initiative will promote and verify on-farm regenerative practices through their Soil and Climate Health Initiative verification.

· NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business will apply its Food and Agriculture Sustainability Strategies Framework and Return on Sustainability Investment (ROSI) methodology to quantify the benefits of the project’s sustainable agriculture practices to help drive adoption across supply chains.

· Love Just Works will oversee grant management services for the project.

· Organic Voices will enhance consumer education and support for climate-friendly organic products.

· Grow Well Consulting will provide valuable resources to track key climate goals and foster sustainable practices in food and agriculture.

As the project unfolds, Handsome Brook Farms will share updates and progress through various channels, including their website, which can be reached at

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