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Grubbly Farms expanding product line to backyard chicken market

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ATLANTA — Grubbly Farms has improved and expanded its backyard chicken product line to include two water supplements, an Omega-rich feed topper, and a re-engineered Grubblies World Harvest, which are oven-dried grub snacks for chickens.

New offerings include:

· Prebiotics + Probiotics: a water-soluble supplement that ensures optimal gut health for healthy digestion and nutrient absorption, recommended year-round, especially in times of stress.

· Vitamins + Electrolytes: a water-soluble supplement that supports health, wellness & hydration throughout all seasons. Recommended year-round use, especially times of stress and heat waves.

· Omega Mix: A feed topper or snack formulated to naturally promote omega-rich eggs. The mix includes the signature oven-dried black soldier fly grubs in addition to natural omega-rich ingredients and superfoods such as flaxseed, chia, black sunflower seeds, marigolds, broccoli, and carrots.

· Grubblies World Harvest: a snack of black soldier fly grubs for chickens, customer feedback revealed a clear preference for puffier, golden grubs. With zero sacrifice to quality, Grubbly Farms made changes to the baking process to achieve precise desired results.

Grubbly Farms is a specialty pet food company that can be reached at

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