Monday, October 2, 2023

Glowlit Update – advice for stepping into the New Year

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For many people around the world, 2020 was a long and arduous year, with the first of January marking an opportunity to begin anew. While your New Year festivities may have looked a good deal different from previous years, one piece remains steadfast. Whether or not we are coming off of a pandemic year, new beginnings are often met with a mix of excitement, anticipation, and yes, fear of the unknown. So let’s talk a bit about that last one for a second.

At Glowlit, we venture into new territory on a seemingly weekly basis. We have developed an entirely new way of crowdsourcing market intelligence. Our users come to Glowlit in order to anonymously benchmark a recent animal feed ingredient deal against other deals in their region. They receive an aggregated report made up of submissions by other users like them, industry professionals whose entries made it past the Glowlit verification algorithm. Though quite simple, our method represents a sea change in the world of price reporting. And that can be scary.

Some of our strongest users, those who have boldly embraced the Glowlit method, will be the first to tell you that in this discomfort lies opportunity. There is no better example than the addition of new products to the Glowlit platform. Glowlit adds new products based on user demand, identified through searches, direct inquiries to our team, or by request from our partners. We reward pioneer users who enter data on these new products, even before full reports are available, with early access to global reports. Once there are a sufficient number of price inputs for a particular product, we open the reports to the Glowlit community at large.

Our advice for stepping into the New Year: Consider whether you are facing a fear of the unknown or merely a fear of the unfamiliar. With over X products added to the Glowlit platform in recent weeks, you have an opportunity to shape Glowlit in 2021. So be bold and familiarize yourself with the future of market intelligence.

Guy Soreq

Founder and CEO of Glowlit

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