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DuPont Animal Nutrition

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DuPont Animal Nutrition

For over 35 years, our range of feed enzyme and gut health solutions has helped livestock producers resolve the nutritional and health puzzles at the heart of antibiotic-free and sustainable production. Our unique solutions include a broad product portfolio targeting production challenges, and services designed to help you make data-driven decisions about feed ingredients and the use of our additives.


We understand the challenges you face

Our goal is to use our extensive knowledge and advanced product portfolio to make a positive difference to your business. That’s why our approach is entirely focused on meeting your production needs and helping address the broader industry issues that impact your operations – now and in the future.

Maintaining production consistency is also complicated by the need to remove or reduce antibiotic use, both in response to regulatory pressure and consumer concerns around health. This issue leaves producers facing unpredictable disease challenges and veterinarians with fewer weapons to fight them. Finding practical solutions to these complex requirements drives our research, informs our thinking, and shapes our response.


Poultry products to meet your needs

For chick, pullet, broiler, layer, turkey and ducks, our comprehensive poultry product portfolio comprises enzymes, probiotics, phytogenics, betaine, and combined feed technologies. This innovative range of proven, cost-effective solutions, together with our customer-driven services, help you to optimize poultry nutrition and production, liveability and ultimately, profitability.

Supported by our nutribiotic approach, we have developed an extensive range of innovative solutions to tackle your biggest production challenges. From improving the quality and quantity of egg production to reducing carcass contamination by non-beneficial bacteria, there are many issues we can solve, including:

  • Reducing phosphorous and nitrogen waste
  • Improving energy and nutrient release in diets
  • Improving protein digestion
  • Cutting feed costs
  • Encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria for a healthy/balanced gut microflora
  • Enhancing litter quality and microbial parameters
  • Reducing ammonia levels
  • Boosting feed intake
  • Enabling inorganic phosphate-free diets
  • Managing heat stress conditions.

Whatever your concern, we have the pieces to solve the puzzle; innovative solutions, expertise, and science-based strategies that deliver the commercial results you’re looking for.

We’re customer focused. We listen, we diagnose and understand, and then we recommend.

By combining our world-class expertise in both nutrition and gut health with proven customer-driven services, we’re able to recommend comprehensive, multidimensional strategies that deliver measurable results. In other words, we bring together the pieces to solve your production puzzle – and we have a strong track record of successful case studies to prove it.

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