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Chiktopia rules the roost at UGA student entrepreneur competition

By Maria M. Lameiras University of Georgia Photo: Special Chris Rhodes, right, University of Georgia CAES director of industry partnerhsips and project-based learning, presents Chris Ayers and Jeffery Whitmire of Chiktopia with the $10,000 FABricate grand prize. Chiktopia's award-winning chicken tractor has automated feeding and watering systems, temperature and humidity control, and a hydraulic lifting system to prevent damage to chicken coops and the land.

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ATHENS, Ga. — The winner of the University of Georgia’s 2022 FABricate Entrepreneurial Initiative competition is a novel automated system designed to help pasture-raised egg producers increase their efficiency.

Conceptualized by a team led by poultry science undergraduate student Chris Ayers and biological engineering student Jeffery Whitmire, Chiktopia is an automated chicken tractor designed to move pasture-raised chickens easily and efficiently while preserving the land and saving labor costs.

A chicken tractor is an alternative form of poultry housing used by free-range and pasture-raised poultry producers to house and transport chickens around their pastures. Current chicken. . .

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