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AEB unveils 45th annual First Lady’s Commemorative Egg

Special The American Egg Board has presented the 2022 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg to Dr. Jill Biden. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the presentation. The East Colonnade of the White House is also currently displaying all the first lady eggs dating back to 1977.

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WASHINGTON — The American Egg Board, on behalf of America’s egg farmers, has unveiled the 2022 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg, a symbolic gift for Dr. Jill Biden and an Easter tradition on behalf of America’s egg farmers. This year’s egg has been intricately designed to honor Biden’s commitment to ensuring all Americans have access to a quality education and with homages to Delaware, where she has called home since the 1970’s.

“It is a privilege and a joy for America’s egg farmers to continue the 45-year legacy of gifting the handcrafted Commemorative Egg, a tribute to our nation’s first ladies, their patriotism and service, and in recognition of the causes closest to their hearts. Eggs are an essential part of Easter and Passover celebrations, not just in our homes and with our families, but at the White House, too,” said Emily Metz, president and CEO of the American Egg Board.

Colonnade of Eggs

Celebrating the history of the First Lady’s Commemorative Egg, this year the White House East Colonnade has been transformed into a Colonnade of Eggs. More than 40 years of First Lady’s Commemorative Eggs — presented to every First Lady since the tradition began in 1977 — are on display in the East Colonnade. The Colonnade of Eggs marks the first time that First Lady’s Commemorative Eggs representing multiple presidential administrations will be on display together. Now that it has officially been presented to Biden, the 2022 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg will join the Colonnade of Eggs.

A hand-painted quote from Biden showcasing her dedication to education is featured in flowing scrolls on the front of the 2022 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg: “Education is possibility set in motion.” Surrounding the quote are peach blossoms, Delaware’s state flower, and the American holly, Delaware’s state tree.

Eggs farmers also donated more than 100,000 eggs to White House Easter Egg Roll and 90 million eggs to fight hunger.

Since Easter 2021, America’s egg farmers have also made good on their pledge to donate 90 million eggs directly from their farms to food banks, nearly doubling the donation of 46 million eggs the year prior, AEB noted.

“It is our mission to nourish American families, and what better way to do that than provide wholesome, nutritious eggs with powerful nutrients to Americans across the country,” said American Egg Board Chair Mindy Truex, a fourth-generation egg farmer from Warsaw, Ind.

America’s egg farmers remain committed to fighting hunger in 2022 through generous donations of eggs to their communities and foodbanks year-round. In the spirit of Easter, America’s egg farmers once again are donating every egg used at this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll, held on April 18, for hunting, decorating and the iconic egg roll. More than 100,000 eggs will be donated to the event and to the Maryland Food Bank.

Easter egg roll

America’s egg farmers from across the country had a strong presence at this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll. In addition to the roll itself, families on the South Lawn had an opportunity to visit the American Egg Board’s interactive Hen to Home exhibit to learn about an egg’s journey from the farm to the plate; decorate eggs with stickers, googly eyes, washi tape and markers; take their photo at a replica of the President’s desk; and more.

In the cafetorium, mini quiches, mini egg salad sliders and blueberry swirl cheesecakes were served to hungry egg rollers and hunters, AEB added. Animal lovers could enjoy “First Pet” sugar cookies with photos of Commander and Willow. Also, in the cafetorium was a one-of-a-kind Macaron White House, created in partnership with Chef Stephen Durfee.

For more information about AEB, visit; and for a history of the First Lady’s Commemorative Egg and the collection of all First Lady’s Commemorative Eggs presented since the tradition began in 1977, visit,

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