Sunday, December 10, 2023

Turkeys in the northernmost state of Mississippi flyway affected by low path H7

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A commercial turkey flock in Wisconsin has been confirmed to have a low pathogenic strain of H5N2. The USDA said that this type of strain does not spread as quickly as high pathogenic avian influenza, and is not the same as the deadly virus found in Tennessee.

The 84,000 turkeys owned by a Jennie-O Turkey Store in Barron County were not depopulated but kept under close watch and quarantined from other birds until they are tested negative for the disease.

Wisconsin is the northernmost state of the Mississippi flyway where migrating wild birds tend to travel in the U.S.  Five of the 14 states in the Flyway have had reported cases of avian influenza of various strains and severity. The nine states other states are preparing to ensure that another outbreak like the one in 2015 does not occur again.

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