Monday, July 22, 2024

Joel Brandenberger receives NTF Lifetime Achievement Award

PT Editor — David Strickland

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WASHINGTON — The National Turkey Federation and its members congratulate Joel Brandenberger, NTF president and CEO, as the recipient of the 2024 NTF Lifetime Achievement Award.

Brandenberger received the award on Feb. 24 during a ceremony at NTF’s 2024 Annual Convention in Austin, Texas. Steve Lykken, Jennie-O Turkey Store, 2023 NTF chairman, presented Brandenberger with the award along with several esteemed industry leaders and CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Major Garrett, a longtime friend of Brandenberger. Several family members, including his wife, Susan, were present along with close friends and former colleagues.

During the presentation, Garrett said, “Joel was. . .

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