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Foodmate opens new training center

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BALL GROUND, Ga. — Foodmate US has opened its new training and classroom center — the Foodmate Inspirience Center — to offer its customers training on new and existing Foodmate equipment.

Foodmate designed the center at the company’s U.S. headquarters in Ball Ground, Ga., to instruct and provide hands-on training to its customers’ maintenance, operations and production teams prior to actual in-plant installation. This new service greatly improves understanding of the equipment, making the plant transition to the new Foodmate machines much smoother, the company added.

“When we install new equipment in a customer’s plant, we sometimes see their production and technical teams are overwhelmed with new automation,” Foodmate US President Scott Hazenbroek said. “In addition, they have a short time to learn how to operate the equipment. By training them in advance, it reduces downtime, and allows the customer to have optimal yield with the highest quality from the start.”

Training can also be arranged for recent installs, assisting with post-sales transition and ensuring ultimate post-purchase return on investment, the company noted.

The 50-foot-by-80-foot training center is set up like an actual processing facility with an OPTI LTD Dark Meat Deboning System, including OPTI Thigh Deboner and Drum Deboner. The center also houses a Flex Cut-Up System, Vision Grading, Weighing and all cut-up modules.

Offsite training also offers customers an opportunity to see the equipment operate in a controlled environment with their actual chicken products. This experience allows operators and maintenance personnel to focus on the hands-on practical training without disruption, the company said.

More information about Foodmate US can be obtained at

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