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Free online course for creating backyard poultry farms

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More and more backyard poultry flocks are popping up around the country which the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Research and Extension Service is addressing by providing a free online course all about backyard chicken farms.

The course is available to anyone with internet access and a interest in learning the basics of this hobby or profession. The service was created by poultry professionals including Extension Veterinarian Dustan Clark.

The course addresses bird-related illnesses and how to prevent them in backyard flocks. Biosecurity is important even on small hobbyist farms as all chickens are susceptible to diseases including salmonella and avian influenza.

The class goes over other topics too, such as bird breeds, general care, housing requirements and nutrition. There is a section in the course specifically for Arkansas residents and laws regarding keeping chickens in the state, but most of the content is for keeping chickens in general.

For course participants not in Arkansas, it is important to research local laws for keeping chickens. In some areas, keeping chickens is prohibited, though it is becoming more accepted across the country.

The course may be found here: After reviewing the course and taking a short test, participants will receive a certificate of competition.

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