ATHENS, Ga. — For 2020, the University of Georgia Department of Poultry Science will be conducting an eight session webinar series related to ventilating poultry houses during cold weather. The sessions will be held every Thursday (9-10:30 a.m. EDT) from Oct. 8 through Nov. 24 (The last session will be conducted on a Tuesday due to Thanksgiving) using the GotoWebinar platform.

The registration fee for the entire eight session webinar, recordings (available for 10 days after each session), and pdf files of the presentations is $40.

Topics for the eight webinars, in order, are:

  • Oct. 8: House Temperature and Broiler Performance
  • Oct. 15: Poultry House Tightness (how to measure, tightness vs heating costs, factors affecting tightness).
  • Oct. 22: Determining Minimum Ventilation Rates (role oxygen, co2, humidity plays in determine min vent rates).
  • Oct. 29: Negative Pressure Ventilation (principles, how measure, pressure vs air speed, inlet types, determining the number of inlets, effect of exhaust fan placement on air quality, number of minimum ventilation fans).
  • Nov. 5. Negative Pressure Air Inlets (principle, inlet types, placement in sidewall/ceiling, sidewall vs ceiling inlets).
  • Nov. 12: Litter Moisture Management (factors affecting litter moisture i.e., drinker height, air movement, pressure, house humidity, litter depth, etc.).
  • Nov. 19: Basic Air Inlet Management (air jet throw vs temperature, ceiling type, temperature difference, static pressure, inlet opening, etc., inlet management in very tight, tight, and loose houses).
  • Nov. 24: Cold Weather House Operation Tips.

Other sessions may be added depending on demand.

For registration to the webinars, use the following link,

More information can also be obtained at

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