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As we know, heat stress is one of the most important challenges in poultry production. According to the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, "high ambient temperatures can have a major impact on performance of commercial poultry When they are coupled with high humidity, the combination can become critical. Therefore, there is a need to re-evaluate the management of poultry and equipment used in hot weather so that heat stress is minimized. Heat Stress not only causes suffering and death in the birds, but also results in reduced or lost production that adversely affects the profit from the enterprise."

Paint-Shield™ is a state-of-the-art acrylic, solar reflective paint utilizing the latest in micro crystal technology. Warren Paint manufactures Paint-Shield™ in Nashville, a family owned, and in
business since 1909. Paint-Shield™ is an advanced water-borne radiant barrier. The nano materials block most of the flow of heat generated by visible light, UV rays, and IR long and short
rays. Solar heat is reflected away before entering the building. The proprietary coating is intended for metal rooftops, a building’s exterior, and poultry housing. Most bird houses act as a
solar cooker. Paint-Shield™ is effective in creating temperature turnaround up to 35°F during heat of the day, perfect for keeping production facilities cooler inside, thus creating less stress on
the birds. By painting the exterior of the building with our scientifically proven technology, you arenow reflecting nearly 90% of the sun’s heat; making internal temperatures drop significantly and easier to maintain cool air, resulting in reduced heat stress. In addition to having a solar reflective index of 110%, Paint-Shield™ is formulated with EPA registered broad spectrum antimicrobial, and contains a self-cleaning nano component. When it rains, debris, dirt or mildew on the exterior surface is naturally washed away. For more information, please visit our web sites.

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