Precision Lighting

For three decades, Precision Lighting Systems has been the innovator of lighting and dimming advances for agriculture. As a MADE in the USA company, the product designers, engineers, fabricators, technicians, full staff, and factory are all located in Arkansas.

Scientific method research is vital for accurate information and for solutions. Precision Lighting relies on in-house and external research. All researchers are required to use the Scientific Method for any project. Six engineers oversee all aspects of product development, so, research accuracy is mandatory. Dimmer engineering research investments exceed $800,000.00, so far.

“Research never stops. It fuels our company heart and shapes the soul of our products,” explained company President, Danny Cross.

The company was started in 1989 with the goal of producing a lighting system for breeders to reduce electrical consumption, increase light levels, and to last for years.

The result was The Propagator® series of HPS lighting. These units replaced one hundred 100w incandescents lamps with twenty-six 150w HPS fixtures and tripled the light levels inside a poultry breeder house. It revolutionized breeder lighting. It also increased egg production and hatchability.

In 1999, Precision Lighting began development of The Performer™ series of agriculture dimmers. Having invented the high-end digital dimming system for agriculture and created the MR4™, the first LED Digital Dimming System for agriculture, Precision Lighting feels they brought another revolution to lighting. 

It’s often pointed out that Precision Lighting manufactures the only Made in the USA Agriculture Dimming Systems. Cross says this is important to him, “Understand, everyone who has a part in developing, manufacturing, and maintaining our dimmers not only work for us, but work right here with us. Our tag line says it all: ‘Conceptualized, Engineered, Designed, MADE in the USA. We Employ our Neighbors.’  That part about employing our neighbors is just as important as MADE in the USA.”

Precision Lighting Systems, Inc. is a small company, compared to their large international competitors, yet they maintain the lion’s share of the dimmer market in agriculture. When asked how that was possible, Cross said it is the time, money, and research put into making the product right. “No one puts in the efforts we do to give the farmer a quality product. Others just have their label attached to a product made 8,000 miles away. The people who use our products know we strive for quality.”

Final words from Cross, “We believe in truth in advertising and honesty in conversations. We don’t pay college employees to write flattering articles about us. We don’t rent university logos to make our advertisements look like legitimate reports. If a university does actual research, then share the detailed parameters of how your research was done. What we’re seeing are advertisements written by sales personnel who rent the name of a university employee or the university logo to make the sales brochure seem like a research report. It’s dishonest.”

This year, Precision Lighting Systems, Inc. celebrates its 32nd Anniversary.


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