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Sephnos® has designed and manufactured the innovative automatic baby chick feeder "Turbomate 2" that improves feeding systems at all.

By using Turbomate 2 the grower will make sure that their feeders will be always with feed, there will be no feed waste, easy to manage and labor saving. With Turbomate 2 there will be not need to use manual round chick feeders between lines with a dispenser, plastic tray or paper mate.

TURBOMATE 2 is composed of:

1)        Pan with a rectangular rounded shape with double central internal cone and a wide internal anti-waste lip on the top.

2)        Hopper with anti-waste feed fins on the bottom into the pans side walls, large windows to allow viewing of the feed level and for a quick and efficient washing and sanitizing without removing the pan.

3)        Dispenser that could be long or short depending on the height of the automatic pan (Cumberland, Chore-Time, Roxell, Big Dutchman, Valco, etc.), that will be use with Turbomate 2.

4)        Clamp for all types of tubes (smooth or rib) and with an easy handle pin fixing system, that allows to maintain the TURBOMATE 2 in a upward position.

In addition, TURBOMATE 2 improves feed consumption, avoids feed waste, improves uniformity, reduces mortality, promotes intestinal health and ultimately live weight and production index are higher. For all these benefits, you a poultry farmer will be happy not to overwork and get a quick return on investment.

Finally, the feed capacity is 2.6 lb, and it is recommended generally at a density of 75 to 100 chicks per TURBOMATE 2. Depending on the configuration, it is recommended to use 3 TURBOMATE 2 for each

9´ tubes when there is a high density and use 2 TURBOMATE 2 when there is a medium density. It is important to leave spaces without TURBOMATE 2 to have enough circulating halls between the automatic pans.

Do you want to know more about Turbomate 2?

Get in contact with your closer dealer and find the results on test, benefits and the special price until December, 31.


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Sephnos® we are pioneers in feeders for broiler chicks.

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