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IFF… that name may not be familiar in the animal nutrition marketplace.  That’s because we haven’t been here very long. Relatively speaking, that is. The February 2021 merger of DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences and IFF has brought us here – essentially right to where we’ve always been.

The new company business unit has been named Danisco Animal Nutrition. This is a name that has meaning and familiarity in the animal agriculture sector - part of the reason it was chosen.  We at IFF Danisco Animal Nutrition are ideally equipped to deliver unique solutions for animal health and nutrition products to an expanded customer base on a global scale. As pioneers in the development of innovative feed additives, the newly minted IFF Danisco Animal Nutrition understands the crucial issues that determine optimal nutrition and gastrointestinal health. Products are developed to address production challenges, and balance sustainable ambitions with feed efficiency, animal performance and animal welfare. 

Leading Positions Across High-Value Ingredient Categories – The company has high-level ranking among their market competitors in nutrition and health solutions through their comprehensive portfolio of feed enzymes, betaine, phytogenics and probiotics. IFF Danisco Animal Nutrition is committed to helping livestock producers resolve the nutritional and health puzzles at the heart of antibiotic-free and sustainable production.

Products That meet Production Challenges – The merged organizations share cultures that emphasize science and creativity. The emergence of IFF Danisco Animal Nutrition from within the combined companies will allow customers to benefit from the best of both.

Industry leading products include:

Phytase Enzymes – Axtra® PHY GOLD and Axtra® PHY – best in class offerings

Non-Phytase Enzymes – Danisco® Xylanase, Axtra® PRO, Axtra® XB

Betaine and Phytogenics – Betafin®, Enviva® EO

Probiotics and Combination products – Syncra® SWI, Syncra® AVI, Enviva® PRO

Science Based Solutions Backed by Data

In addition to our feed additives portfolio, IFF Danisco Animal Nutrition will continue to offer science-based services including dedicated customer support and raw material and animal feed optimization analyses. Our capabilities are underpinned by the quality of our trials, our investment in research and technology, and our collaboration with leading commercial, governmental and academic partners.

The global demand for high-quality protein continues to rise. At the same time, consumers have become increasingly aware of the impact that livestock health has on protein quality. Danisco Animal Nutrition will continue their role in providing healthy feed for livestock and are committed to developing innovative, feed additive solutions to enable antibiotic-free and sustainable production.  

It’s clear the name’s changed but we’re still the same science-based company that’s been providing solutions to livestock farmers for over 40 years. Driven by innovation, captivated by bioscience, and passionate about the sustainable life-enhancing technologies we bring to your farms and your animals, every day. 

We are IFF Danisco Animal Nutrition. Let’s talk.

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