Middle Tennessee Poultry Science

Middle Tennessee Poultry Science

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Beginning this fall, the School of Agriculture at Middle Tennessee State University will offer an undergraduate minor in poultry science.

"The new minor will be the academic cornerstone as we expand our focus in poultry science at MTSU," said Dr. Kevin Downs, poultry scientist and coordinator of the new program.

The poultry science minor will consist of coursework in poultry production, poultry evaluation, poultry nutrition and feeding, poultry reproduction and breeder management, poultry processing, and business management. The School of Agriculture will offer a total of five poultry science courses, more than any other university in the state of Tennessee.

"We want to be the destination school in our state for high school and community college students interested in studying poultry science and pursuing a career in the poultry industry," Downs added. "The School of Agriculture at MTSU is dedicated to connecting the best and the brightest with the tremendous opportunities for careers in the poultry sector."

"The poultry industry in Tennessee is very excited about the advances being made with the poultry minor and programs at MTSU to best prepare students for careers within the industry," said Dale Barnett, executive director of the Tennessee Poultry Association.

In addition to the new poultry science minor, the MTSU School of Agriculture is also collaborating with Tyson Foods-Shelbyville on the Middle Tennessee Junior Broiler Program. The school has also begun efforts to engage college and high school students through the MTSU Poultry Science Club, an MTSU collegiate poultry judging team, and a first ever MTSU Poultry Academy this summer for high school juniors and seniors.

More information about MTSU's poultry program can be obtained by contacting Downs at kevin.downs@mtsu.edu or 615-898-5217.

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