Whole house fan


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With its patented technology, the Hemisphere® Z-Pro Fan was developed for whole house air mixing, dramatically reducing temperature variations in the facility by moving a large volume of air with minimal drafts. The innovative low profile (12inch tall) design makes it perfect for low clearance ceilings. The Hemisphere Z-Pro controls circulation through the entire building volume to eliminate dead spots while improving heat distribution. There's also an optional chimney fan available to help create a positive pressure environment. As cool air is pushed from the attic into the Hemisphere Fan it is mixed with warm air from the house and distributed evenly throughout the barn, exiting through the pop doors and fan shutters – preventing cold air leakage back into the barn and satisfying the goal of minimum ventilation (remove excess moisture and gases from the house to maintain acceptable litter and air quality, without compromising heat). The special material coating that is on the Hemisphere Z-Pro has been proven in many conditions, making this mixing fan ideal for layer & floor bird applications.


Variable speed fan


Booth: C10753

If you are looking for greater efficiency in a fan, then VAL-CO® has your solution! Introducing the V-Fan – a variable speed di rect drive fan that will change the way you see ventilation. The V-Fan has the ability to provide very high total CFM at top speeds – for example, one of our 54-inch fiberglass V-Fans with a long cone, aluminum blade and aluminum shutter, at 0.05 static pressure, moves 34,700 cfm while achieving 20.8 cfm/watt. It also has the ability to provide extremely high cfm/watt measurements at low speeds. With the V-Fan, it's more efficient to use a 54-inch fan running at low speed in place of a 36-inch fan for minimum ventilation – another example, the previously mentioned 54-inch FG V-Fan with the speed set to 50 percent, at 0.05 SP, can move 13,400 cfm while achieving 53.8 cfm/watt, compared to a 36-inch FG fan, also at 0.05 SP, may move 14,330 cfm but 12.9 cfm/watt. That is close to a 317 percent increase in cfm/watt using a 54-inch V-Fan in place of a 36-inch fan. This flexibility is what makes this fan so special. As an added benefit, there's less maintenance. Since it is direct drive there are no pulleys or belts to fail or bearings to grease. The VFD is shipped already mounted and assembled to the fan. Available in 1 Phase and 3 Phase, 200230V input options. So, if you're questioning your current ventilation, VAL-CO has the answer with the versatile V-Fan.


In-line organ harvesting


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For the poultry processing

industry, labor is still a critical issue, with poultry consumption rising at a time when workers are hard to find. Meyn offers solutions like the world's best automated breast deboning machines, configure-to-order service contracts to eliminate unplanned down-time, and a new version of Meyn Connect software to optimize efficiency in poultry processing. Meyn launches the new Maestro Plus for fully automated in-line organ harvesting at high speeds. The record high yield of Maestro's evisceration technology combined with new organ harvesting modules have again resulted in a solution with the highest yield in the market. Minimum waste, maximum profit. The new Maestro Plus eviscerator first transfers the viscera pack to an organ shackle, positioning it for veterinary inspection. The viscera pack then goes through the intestine and gall remover (IGR). Next, the liver harvester (LH) scrapes the liver from the gizzard to be cleaned in a drum washer and presented on a liver inspection belt. The remaining heart with lungs and gizzard is separated into two streams by the heart and gizzard separator (HGS); the first stream goes to the heart and lung separator and the second stream presents the gizzards for further processing, either manually or automatically. The launch of Maestro Plus follows more than two years of testing in Europe, China and the U.S. Meyn offers tailor-made service contracts that reduce downtime to a minimum, including training for technicians and operators, technical support, scheduled maintenance, a parts safety stock, repair and equipment data analysis and even a full plant audit. All part of Meyn's configure-to-order service. During the IPPE show, Meyn will offer a schedule of frequent new product information sessions showcasing its advanced product line-up. Featured products include Meyn Connect's poultry processing performance software, a CO2 stunning system with a choice of continuous or batch stun, as well as the new Rapid Plus breast deboner M5.0 with its semi-automatic loading of front halves.


Litter amendment Environmental Dynamics/Impact Poultry Products Booth: B5719

IMPACT-P(NA) – "The Litter Vaccine" is the only dry, "need activated" biological litter amendment on the market that ensures a consistent and predictable litter microbiome for antibiotic-free poultry production. By adding billions of beneficial Bacillus bacteria to each square foot of litter, IMPACT-P(NA) helps to reduce mortality, improve weight gain, improve feed conversion, and boost settlements. The huge number of beneficial bacteria in IMPACT-P(NA) overwhelm and out-compete pathogens in the litter that can cause disease outbreaks. They also dry, compost and improve the quality of the litter to allow more flocks to be grown on the same litter and reduce ammonia production for an entire grow out. IMPACT-P(NA), produced by Impact Poultry Products/Environmental Dynamics, Inc. for over 20 years, is easy to apply with a seed broadcaster, safe to use with birds in the house, and non-corrosive. Don't leave your

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